Make Developers Happy Again Use a Merge Queue

Tired of Managing your Pull Requests Manually and Dealing with Frustrated Developers?

As development teams grow and become more productive, they face new challenges.

Collaborating on a GitHub project can lead to an overwhelming number of pull requests that need to be created and processed, causing bottlenecks and frustration for developers.

As a tool to automate and streamline the management of pull requests, Mergify's Merge Queue seems to be the ideal solution to solve these problems.

A Bad and Manual PR Management
Cradle of Developers' Frustration

❌ Manual Updates and Rebases, THE boring Task
Every time a new Pull Request is merged, all others must be updated or rebased, leading to repetitive tasks and wasted time.

❌ The Broken Prod, A Developer's Nightmare
The more PRs, the greater the mental load on maintainers and reviewers, and the higher the chances of letting errors slip through. A broken production can impact the entire software department and delay work for an indefinite period, leading to frustration and lost productivity for developers.

❌ Lack of Meaning and Impact
In addition to the frustration, manual PR Management limits the impact of developers' work, as they have to wait longer to see their code integrated and shipped.

The Merge Queue Makes
Developers Happy Again

😭 Tons of engineers are confronted with theses problems every day.

🦾 Using a merge queue solves them by automating most of the boring and repetitive tasks related to pull request management. Thanks to an automatic rebase, and automatic launch of tests, developers do not have to babysit their pull requests.

✅ No more manual updates or rebases.
✅ No more broken production.
✅ Less CI and Merge latency: the engineers see their work integrated and shipped.
✅ No more PR babysitting: focus on coding and meeting milestones.

Sounds like a dream, right? It's not, just a premium Merge Queue.

Merge Queue's Use Cases

Improve Developer Experience

Managing pull requests can be very demanding. You can relieve and enhance your engineering team by automating it with our merge queue.

A Video Is Worth a Billion Words

Merge Queue Demo by Fabien

Sometimes, a video says more than a thousand words. In this video.
Fabien will present you our Merge Queue solution thanks to a screen recording of the tool.

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