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Queue, Update and Merge Your Pull Requests

  1. Secure your code merge by updating your PRs automatically before merge.
  2. Prioritize your pull requests merge.
  3. Improve your merge frequency and batch your PRs to save CI time.
  4. Enhance your developer experience.

A Unique Set of Features

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How Does It Work?

Only three steps to set up your merge queue, automate, and optimize your code merging processes.

Mergify guide

1. Install Mergify

Mergify is a GitHub Application that you can install in one click on your repositories.

2. Enable Mergify

Write your rules in YAML. You can match a pull request on any criteria: branch, author, labels, etc. Then uses the queue action to trigger a git merge as soon as the pull request is ready, setting the priority of the pull request.

Use case code
Use case code

3. Watch it merge!

Mergify updates the pull request status in real-time and informs you about which criteria match. As soon as your conditions are validated, Mergify merges the pull request using the method you specified.

Read How Tomáš Is Using It

If you plan to use a single repository for many developers, Mergify can significantly improve your time to merge.

Tomáš Nekolný

Engineering Manager