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Open Source 🙌Essential đŸ’ĒPremium đŸĻžEnterprise đŸĸ
Our basic features for open source projects.Private repositories support.All of our advanced features and private repositories support.Security, compliance, and deployment controls for organizations.
per month per userper month per userper month per userper month per userper month per user
(minimum 200 users)
per month per user
(minimum 200 users)
∞ Unlimited Rules
🔀 Automatic Merge
đŸĻŋ Automatic ActionsAllows you to label, close, review, request review, update, comment, etc your pull requests.
↩ī¸ Pull Request BackportCopy a pull request to another branch.
🐛 Merge QueueMerge your pull requests serially.
🔗 Dependency between PRsHandle pull request dependencies
đŸ“Ļ Unlimited Private Repositories
🔎 Random Request ReviewsRandomly assign request review to team members.
đŸšĨ Priority QueueAllows merging pull requests ordered by priority.
🎲 Speculative ChecksTest multiple enqueued pull requests in parallel.
đŸ—ŗ Batch MergeMerge multiple pull requests at the same time.
🤖 Bot AccountUse a dedicated bot account to act on your behalf.
✅ Post ChecksWrite your own custom status check.
🧠 Community Support
☎ī¸ Premium Support
🛎 Dedicated CSMWe help you onboard and deploy Mergify.
đŸ–Ĩ Private DeploymentRun your own private Mergify instance.
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All our plans include

Unlimited rules

No limit on the number of rules you can use. Unleash your automation!

Free 14 days trial

You can try our service for 2 weeks for free. If it does not work for you, just cancel in one click.

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How do you count users?

We count the number of unique users with write access to the repositories where you enable Mergify.

Do I have to pay for bot users?

No, bots do not count towards users — as long as they are identified as GitHub Apps and are not part of the repositories as users with write permissions.

How often do you invoice?

We invoice once a month or once a year, depending on your choice. You can pay by credit card or through the GitHub Marketplace. For other payment methods, call us.

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