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Automate and Optimize Your Code Merge

All-in-one solution: a unique combination of features.

Automation through your specific rules.

Reduce friction - Improve merge frequency.

Save Time. Save Money. Secure your code. Improve your DX.

A Unique Set of Features

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How Does It Work?

3 steps only to optimize and automate your code merging workflow.

Mergify guide

1. Install Mergify

Mergify is a GitHub Application that you can install in one click on your repositories.

2. Define your rules

Write fine-grained conditions in your Mergify configuration using YAML. You can match a pull request on any criteria: branch, author, labels, etc.

Automate anything such as setting labels, merging, assigning or rebasing a pull request.

Use case code
Use case code

3. Watch it merge!

Mergify updates the pull request status in real-time and informs you about which criteria match. As soon as your condition is validated, Mergify triggers an action on the pull request using, such as merging using the method you specified.

Read How Stéphane Is Using It

We tried Mergify for a couple of weeks. We adopted it before our trial period even ended.

Mergify is so powerful that you can automate almost everything. Don't waste time doing so, even if it's tempting to go down to the rabbit hole. Start with what matters most to you, save time, and build a more complex setup incrementally.

Stéphane Crivisier

CTO @Epicery

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