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Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Merge Queue
Technical Benchmark

Features Mergify GitHub Aviator Trunk Bors Kodiak
Automation Rules
Automatic Merge
Dependency between PRs
Unlimited Private Repositories
Priority Queue
Speculative Checks
Batch Merge
Queue Freeze
Community Support
Premium Support
Private Deployment
Available for every GitHub Plans
Custom Branch Protection
Multiple Queues
Works with any CI Tool
Commit Message Template
PRs limitation Unlimited 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Advanced Analytics

Why Should You Bet on Mergify?

Integrated into GitHub

Mergify's full integration with GitHub allows for seamless automation of pull request management and merging, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.


Mergify offers AICPA System and Organization Controls (SOC) SOC 2 Type 2 reports. Ask access your customer representative to access them.


Mergify's SSO identification provides a secure and streamlined authentication process that increases security, and enables efficient user access and permission management.


Mergify is GDPR compliant We provide our users control over the data they share and relies on Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) and extends them to all of our customers.

Data Privacy

Mergify provides a high standard of privacy protection to all developers and customers.We do this through significant investments in platform security, incident response, and anti-abuse.

Audit Log

Mergify's audit log provides a detailed record of all actions taken by the system, allowing for transparency and accountability in the automation process.

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