Glovo × Mergify

How Glovo deployed Mergify to save time and improve engineers' lives.






Efficient Continuous Delivery in back-end.

Automate Gitflow-based workflow.

Increase engineers' efficiency and happiness.

Configure Mergify to automate their tasks
Integrate Mergify to their Gitflow workflow.
Leverage merge queues to guarantee merge safetyness.

Company's description

Glovo is a Spanish tech company and the fastest-growing multicategory player in Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. With technology at the core of its business, it creates innovative solutions by connecting customers, companies, and couriers, ensuring a sustainable impact on their communities and ecosystems. Glovo counts a hundred web engineers, two-hundreds mobile/back-end engineers — and growing.

Glovo Before Using Mergify

Before using Mergify, Glovo's engineering teams had two main issues.

First, many of their Github repositories receive contributions from hundreds of engineers regularly Every time a developer merges a pull request to the main branch, pull requests need to be updated and rebased to be retested. This creates a bottleneck as engineers need to maintain their pull requests for a long time.

Then, the mobile team uses Gitflow for development. This was not designed with continuous delivery in mind, and it's something that the team wanted to put in place.

That's why they started to look for a tool to automate and secure their merge, by keeping pull requests up-to-date as needed — speeding the merge time and reducing CI usage.

They compared multiple solutions and Mergify finally stood out.

Benefits from Mergify

Merge time reduced, faster continuous deployment.
Gitflow: automatic merge & automatic backport.
Improved developer experience: everyone's happier.

Juan Carlos Arocha - Staff Engineer


The configuration was helpful and reliable, so it was really easy. The only thing hard was to decide what to put in the configuration. Mergify removes work. Just use it!

Deploying Mergify

Glovo started to build a proof-of-concept using Mergify and demonstrated that it suited their needs for their different types of repositories. After validating the workflow and seeing the potential gain, getting a budget approved and deploying Mergify was the simplest part considering the previous situation.

As Mergify uses GitHub, no big changes were made to the developer workflow. The adoption was straightforward.

Mergify allows Glovo engineering team to:

  • Improve the confidence of engineers with a fully automated workflow.
  • Reduce the time-to-merge of the pull requests. Engineers don't have to click to merge anymore. It makes a faster continuous development.
  • Improve the developer experience. Developers are happier because they don't have to do any work manually.
  • Make their Gitflow workflow more efficient by combining automatic backport and automatic merge.
  • Automate Dependabot. Mergify approves minor/micro versions automatically.

Glovo Gains With Mergify

With hundreds of engineers working on the same repository and the same branch, trying to manually update and merge pull requests was a nightmare for engineers, clicking simultaneously to merge their pull requests each day, and fighting each other.

Adapting Mergify allowed them to save CI cost and time with the merging process, and avoid developers' frustrations, providing happiness at work.

Now their workflow is fully automated, and they can focus on projects that matter.

Juan Carlos Arocha - Staff Engineer


Right now, all our repositories that adopted Mergify, have their CI checks completely green! It improves the confidence of engineers.

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