The AI Solution Revealing All the Secrets of your CI

1. Visualize all your CI jobs on a single dashboard

2. Diagnose and track all your CI failures

3. Detect and automatically retry your flaky tests

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Why Do You Need CI Issues?

Plug'n'Play - No Setup

CI Issues works with GitHub Actions and all test frameworks. No need to configure it for every tools you use.

Visualize your CI Jobs

Visualize all your CI jobs to identify them, better understand them and detect problems.

Understand Failures

Identify the root causes of CI jobs failures: infrastructure, network, tests, code...

Flaky Tests Auto Retry

Flaky tests can cause your CI to fail. CI monitoring identifies and retries them automatically.

How Does CI Issues Work ?
One AI to Analyze All your CI Jobs

Understanding what's going on in your CI is a real challenge for modern development teams. With CI Issues, you can lift the veil on all your CI processes, highlight any problems encountered to solve them more effectively, and automate the retry of your flaky tests.

Universal Integration

CI Issues is agnostic. In other words, it works and interfaces perfectly with all CI tools and test frameworks.

You won't need to configure it for every framework in your test suite.

  • Enable CI Issues.
  • Set it up once and for all.
  • Let AI do the work.

From a Global to a Detailed View of your CI

The CI Dashboard feature lets you view the status of your CI as a whole. Thanks to a range of filters, you can focus on the CI jobs that interest you at any given moment.

  • Visualize all your CI jobs on a single Dashboard.
  • Navigate through custom date range and state.
  • Check your CI's overall condition at a glance.

Classify and Understand CI Failures

CI failures are annoying, especially when you don't know where they come from or why they happened. The Failure Diagnosis feature allows you to identify the root causes of failure.

  • Identify and record all failures.
  • Understand root causes: infra, network or tests.
  • Find out how to avoid these failures faster.

Retry your Flaky Tests Automatically

When diagnosing failures, our AI is able to detect the flaky tests present in your suite. While waiting to repair them definitively, the Flaky Retrier feature lets you choose which tests CI Monitoring should automatically re-run.

  • Our AI detects and spots flaky tests.
  • Highlighting the pass/fail rate for each test.
  • Decide which tests to automatically retry.

A Unique Set of Features

All your CI on a Single Dashboard

At a glance, you can see the condition of your CI. For further details, you can refine the information displayed by dates, job names or status.

Understand CI Failures

A CI job failed, you know why thanks to the diagnosis of our AI. You know if the issue is coming from your infrastructure, network or tests.

Retry your Flaky Tests Automatically

Our AI identifies flaky tests. In addition to giving you their failure rate, Flaky Retrier lets you choose which test to rerun automatically.

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