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Are you passionate about CI/CD and a proud Mergify user?

Join Mergify Ambassador team and help the community automate and optimize workflows.

CI/CD Champions,
Mergify Ambassadors!

Mergify Ambassadors are passionate about CI/CD and knowledgeable about using Mergify. They share their interest, expertise, and excitement within their communities to help other engineers optimize their CI/CD pipelines.

Spreading CI/CD Awareness

They educate and empower fellow developers and other professionals in articles, videos, social media, and more.

Collaborate with your Peers

They connect with peers to understand their challenges and frustrations providing guidance and support.

Engage with Communities

They attend and speak at community meetups and conferences to boost awareness of CI/CD Automation and Optimization.

Improve Automation for DevOps

They share community feedback directly with the Mergify Team to help make our products and technologies better for everyone.

Mergify Ambassador

Mergify Ambassadors lead by example, championing better CI/CD pipelines by increasing automation and optimization awareness, being active in their respective communities, and celebrating wins. Here are a few ways to contribute.

Written Content

Partner with Mergify to share thought leadership insights & CI/CD best practices.

Video Content

Partner with Mergify to share first-hand experience & training on Mergify's YouTube channel.

Give Talks

Speak at meetups and conferences, and we’ll help with content, and travel budget.

Learning Materials

Build educational applications and games to teach developers about CI/CD optimization.

Provide Product Feedback

Join our monthly calls with product leads to provide feedback and get insights on the roadmap.

Advocate for Mergify

Share your success stories, best practices, and experience with peers, analysts, and teams.

Mergify's Got
Your Back

Mergify Ambassadors are CI/CD champions, leading activism in their respective communities. And Mergify is with you every step of the way.

Supporting You

As an Ambassador, you’ll have a direct connection to Mergify. We’re committed to supporting you in your advocacy efforts, helping you build your own CI/CD expertise, and mentoring you through the whole process.

  • Give you visibility
  • Funding travel budget
  • Exclusive Ambassador Swag
  • Mergify's Certifications

Helping You Create Content

Mergify is here to help as you develop content, offering assistance with:

  • Visual design (Illustrations, PDFs, etc.)
  • Ideation and brainstorming
  • Technical content review
  • Editorial Review
  • Promotion over Mergify's and related social media channels
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