Mergify Startup Program

Join the Mergify Startup Program and get up to $21,000 of value of Mergify services

About Our Startup Program

Who we are

The goal of Mergify Startup Program is to give businesses access to a best-in-class developer tool that help engineering teams for those who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity due to funding and budgetary restrictions.

Why we are doing this

We’re passionate about supporting startups because we’ve been there.

Startups, we love you

The mission of our startup team is to help engineering teams grow using Mergify as an integral part of their development workflow.

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Product Features

Automatic Merge

Explain your conditions for an automatic merge, and our engine will take care of merging the pull request as soon as it's ready.

Full Automation

Automatic Update

We merge your pull requests serially, on top of each other. That way, there's no way to introduce a regression.

Full Automation
Fix CI issues in a snap

Merge Queue

Merge the urgent pull requests first. Organize your pull request priorities as you wish.

Save CI Time


We copy your pull request to other branches once it's merged. Ship your bug fixes to multiple branches automatically.

Stop Shipping Bugs
Error-free Process
Sip Faster


We can make onboarding new contributors easier. You define your rules and we send comments and notifications so everyone knows what they have to do and how to do it.

Real-time Notification
Actionable Documentation

Reviewer Assignment

Stop triaging your pull request manually. Write simple rules and assign the pull request to the right teams in real-time.

No More Manual Pull Request Triage
Flexible Assignment Rules
Real Time Dispatch

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