Push your bug fixes in all your maintained branches.

Stop shipping bugs

We make it easy to copy a pull request to another branch with just one command.

Error-free process

Humans make errors all the time. By making this process automated, you're sure to backport the right commits and only those.

Ship faster

There's no need to review a pull request that has already been reviewed just because it's a backport. If it passes you CI, you can have Mergify merge it for you without any human interaction.

How it works

Enable Mergify

Enable Mergify on your repository in a single click.

Enable Mergify

Trigger a backport

You can trigger a backport by writing a custom rule. For example, as soon as the backport-to-prod label is added, your pull request will be copied to the prod branch once it's merged.
Alternatively, you can use the @Mergifyio backport command in a comment to backport any pull request.

Show me the list of commands

Watch and merge!

Mergify updates the pull request status in real-time and informs you about the backport status.

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