Automatic Merge

Nobody wants to wait for their code to get in.

Full Automation

Stop waiting for your continuous integration to finish checking the pull request. Our bot will press the merge button for you once the pull request passes the checks.


Do not let people merge code that does not follow your rules. Combined with branch protections, you can avoid mistakes. Like having people merging code that has not been reviewed. 😔


Always use the same merging strategy and process. By making it automated, you make it simpler for everyone to know how to work together.

How it works

Define your rules

Write finer-grained conditions in your Mergify configuration. Define which checks are mandatory, the number of reviews required, etc, to get a pull request mergeable.

Enable Mergify

Write your rules in YAML. You can match a pull request on any criteria: branch, author, labels, etc.
Then uses the merge action to trigger a git merge as soon as the pull request is ready. We support a ton of merge workflow.

See configuration file specification

Watch and merge!

Mergify updates the pull request status in real-time and informs you about which criteria match. As soon as your condition is validated, Mergify merges the pull request using the method you specified.

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