Faster and Safer Code Merge

Mergify optimizes your CI/CD pipeline with:

Queue, Update and Merge your Pull Requests.

Automate your Code Merge Processes.

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They Use Mergify

The Best Solution to Merge Your Code

Mergify is a complete solution combining efficiency and customization. Mergify adapts to the way your team works and let you define your own rules.

Why should you use Mergify to merge your pull requests?

Save time

Increase your merge frequency, automate your processes and say good bye to manual rebase and outdated PRs.

Save money

Optimize your CI costs, improve your team’s productivity and ship faster than ever!

Secure the code

Secure your code merge, update your PRs automatically and keep your services up and running.

Developer Experience

Reduce friction and frustration, drop turnover and make developers happy and proud again.

Our Products

The Merge Queue, the Workflow Automation, and the CI Optimizer are the solutions your developers really need to optimize your CI/CD pipeline, merge continuously, and focus on what they love: coding.

The Workflow Automation

Automate your code merging processes.

  • Write rules and triggers actions
  • Codify your development workflow
  • Reduce friction: improve merge frequency
Discover the Workflow Automation

The Merge Queue

Queue, update, and merge your Pull Requests, sequentially and automatically.

  • Automate your Pull Requests sorting
  • Improve your merge frequency
  • Secure the code merge by updating your PRs
Discover the Merge Queue

Fully Integrated into Your Preferred Tools

Our Goal: Make the Best Code Merging Solution

An efficient and robust solution

1,400 organizations
25,000 users
135,000 repositories
50,000 PRs merged each month

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Developer Experience

Developer Experience: How to Make Developers Happy, Productive and Proud

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