Reviewers Assignment

Automatically assigns pull request to the right teams.

No more manual pull request triage

Stop opening each pull request to see what has been changed — assign it to the right teammates automatically.

Flexible assignement rules

Go beyond CODEOWNERS. You can check anything:
Have documentation files been modified?
Did someone touch the front-end directory?
Does it change the production branch?
Does it come from the security team?

Real-time dispatch

Request reviews and dispatch your pull request in real-time without any delay. People get notified and can jump on it.

How it works

Define your rules

Enable Mergify and write down your rules: defined the conditions needed to assign the pull request to a particular team or reviewer.

Wait and relax

As soon as your rules match, Mergify will assign reviewers to the pull request automatically. No need to do any manual action anymore.

See configuration file specification

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