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We all agree a merge queue is a must-have.
However, it's useless without automation.

The Fastest Merge Queue

With 25k+ monthly active users, Mergify is the expert and leader of code merge automation. Our merge queue has unique features.

The fastest merge queues

Schedule speculative checks or batch pull requests to boost your queue merge time. Stop waiting hours to get things merged.

Multiple and ordered queues

Leverage multiple queues to sort, order, and prioritize your pull request the right way. Defines your own criteria.

Full automation

Not only make your code merge safer, but make them faster by leveraging full automation using Mergify rules system.

Set Merge on Autopilot

While Aviator provides a simple merge queue, Mergify is a full automation service for your pull requests. Write advanced rules to dispatch your pull requests to many different actions — merging, queueing, labeling, commenting, etc. — you name it.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

I don't normally promote stuff, but using
Mergify has been such a success for us, just click to merge without worrying about rebasing or CI as it does it for you. I had one small quibble about it and they fixed it soon after i emailed them!

Ben Jeffrey - Principal Scientific Software Engineer at University of Oxford

Mergify is contagious. Once you've set up a workflow where there is no more stale pull requests for no good reasons, you want to deploy that everywhere.

Martynas Mickevicius - Software Engineer at Argyle

I can only highly recommend Mergify! It works great for us. We are using it for automatically merge PRs once they are approved + green build. The maintainers are great too and always willing to help. :)

Thomas Eizinger - Research Engineer at CoBloX, TenX

Mergify vs. Aviator

Features comparison

∞ Unlimited Rules
🔀 Automatic Merge
🦿 Automatic ActionsAllows you to label, close, review, request review, update, comment, etc your pull requests.
↩️ Pull Request BackportCopy a pull request to another branch.
🐛 Merge QueueMerge your pull requests serially.
🔗 Dependency between PRsHandle pull request dependencies
📦 Unlimited Private Repositories
🔎 Random Request ReviewsRandomly assign request review to team members.
🚥 Priority QueueAllows merging pull requests ordered by priority.
🎲 Speculative ChecksTest multiple enqueued pull requests in parallel.
🗳 Batch MergeMerge multiple pull requests at the same time.
🤖 Bot AccountUse a dedicated bot account to act on your behalf.
✅ Post ChecksWrite your own custom status check.
❄️ Queue Freeze
🧠 Community Support
☎️ Premium Support
🛎 Dedicated CSMWe help you onboard and deploy Mergify.
🖥 Private DeploymentRun your own private Mergify instance.

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