Get everyone up to speed on how to contribute to your repository.


Make every contributor feel welcome with personalized comments on their pull request. Make sure new contributors do not feel lost when they start sending their first contributions.

Actionable Documentation

When all they get from GitHub is a failure of your continuous integration and test suite, you can guide them through with a message. Check which CI is failing and send them a hint about how to fix their pull request or where to get more help.

Real-Time Notification

Notify in real-time your developers about CI failure, PR getting in conflicts, etc.
Mergify notifies you directly when you need to act so you don't have to poll your pull requests once in a while and can forget about it.

How it works

Define your rules

Enable Mergify and write down your rules: defined the conditions needed to send a comment on a pull request.

Wait and relax

As soon as your rules match, Mergify will send comments and notifications. No need to do any action on your side anymore.

See configuration file specification

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