Automatic Update

Keep your pull request up to date with their base branch.


Always merge your pull requests when they are up-to-date with their base branch. Never let a bug slip into your code with the CI passing on an outdated pull request.

Full Automation

Stop asking authors to update their pull requests. Stop clicking that Update branch button each time you want to get the base branch merged into the pull request.

Fix CI issues in a snap

Sometimes your CI does not work anymore. You commit the fix in master, but all your existing pull requests don't have it. You need to update them. Mergify can do it for you.

How it works

Define your rules

You can either use the branch protection in your repository or write finer-grained conditions in your Mergify configuration. Define which checks are mandatory, the number of reviews required, etc, to get a pull request mergeable.

Enable Mergify

Write your rules in YAML. You can match a pull request on any criteria: branch, author, labels, etc.
Then uses the queue action to trigger an update as soon as the pull request is ready to be merged.

See configuration file specification

Watch and merge!

Mergify updates the pull request status in real-time and informs you about which criteria match. As soon as your condition is validated, Mergify makes sure the pull request is up-to-date with its base branch.
If not, it updates it by rebasing it or merging the base branch in it, waits for the merge condition to match again (e.g., CI passing), and finally merges it. Automatically.

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