Take Control of your CI Budget

Use your metrics to optimize your CI costs:

1. All your CI costs are in the same place.

2. Get a specific view of your expenses.

3. Detect problems and solve them.

4. Finally, take control of your CI budget.

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Why Do You Need CI Optimizer?

Know your spendings

Do you know how much you are spending on each CI job? The question speaks for itself.

Spot the black sheep

Using our graphical view, check your dashboard to see which PR or repository is getting expensive.

Watch your impact

By understanding the composition of your costs, you can improve the way you work and optimize them.

Unlimited possibilities

The more you know about your CI costs, the more you are optimizing it,  the less you spend time and money.  

Let's Calculate your Future Savings

The more you use our product, the more you optimize your CI budget and the less you pay, whether for Mergify or your CI tool.

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Net Savings*


Optimized CI Budget**


Mergify's Cost***

*(Original budget)-(Original CI budget x Optimization rate)-(Mergify Cost)= Net Savings

**When testing and using CI Optimizer for our own team, we better understood how our CI costs are broken down and found an improvement axis. After 6 months of utilization, our CI costs decreased by 20%.

***(Original CI budget x Optimization rate x 10%)

A Unique Set of Features

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Direct Integration
Into CI

No matter wich CI you are using, Mergify works.

Costs Breakdown

See the price of all your CI jobs.

Graphical View

Get access to dashboards with live data.

Live Updates

Improve your work on a repository and see your costs changing.

Understanding your CI Budget at a Glance

The essential tool to understand, control and optimize your CI budget.

Your CI Budget Dashboard

Having a clear understanding of your CI budget has never been easier. All your costs broken down and visible on a single interface.

An essential step to optimize it.

Track your PR Costs

With CI Optimizer, you are able to know how much each of your pull requests costs you. You can then define and target your optimization actions.

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